Will the HCPC / NMC or my governing bodies / body accept my CPD Portfolio?

This is a question we are often asked, the answer however remains the same. As with other online CPD portfolio providers, we cannot guarantee that your Portfolio will be accepted by the HCPC, NMC or other governing bodies, as the work contained within your Portfolio in relation to meeting the set standards is your responsibility to provide the correct amount and type of evidence. 

The forms provided by CPDme prompt you to log your CPD in a formatted manner, advising you to expand on the reasons behind undertaking such study or development. More importantly prompting documenting what skills or knowledge you have gained from the activity. All forms and templates are built to assist you with this in the best possible way. 

Our staff are health and social care professionals and it is against their ethics, professional duty and conduct of conduct to help fabricate contents within a member's portfolio. This is a personal task which must  be done by you. We never make additions, edit or change your portfolio submissions. 

Submissions and meeting the CPD standards are personal to you and must always reflect your own work. Our advice is that it's important that you familiarise yourself with all the documents surrounding your CPD requirements for renewing and maintaining your registration with a governing body. 


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