Can I view a Sample Portfolio produced by CPDme



Hi, I'm Phil. One of the Support Team here at CPDme.

So you want to see a sample of what CPDme will produce?

There are various membership levels and we have just included one of the most common portfolio examples for you here (HCPC). 

There are two CPDme portfolio types. The Online CPD Portfolio that you can email or send digitally & The Physical Printable CPD Portfolio.

Please ensure that you have the latest FREE copy of Adobe Reader on your PC or MAC to view the printable portfolios.

All members of CPDme have access to both online and printable copies. The online version is great as it allows you to access information uploaded as evidence wherever you have access to the internet. Try it and download one of the sample certificates in the online portfolios. Simple you have to agree!

Remember, the content of the portfolio must be your own work so please DO NOT COPY this sample.

For samples of your own professional bodies CPD profile, visit your specific registered body, representing college or Governing Body

This sample is not complete and has not been recommended or approved by any professional body or organisation. It is purely for illustration purposes.




Got a question? send us a message and our support team will be happy to assist.


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